Terms And Conditions Of Investment Agreement

  • Posted on: October 11, 2021
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3.1 SyndicateRoom provides the services relating to investments under the conditions set out in these conditions. 10. They acknowledge that all investments made through the Platform are made entirely on the investor`s own risk (as the case may be) and, subject to the terms of the subscription contract or an investment contract, are based on the investor`s own judgment (as the case may be). 1. limited access to investments. The possibility of investing in a company via the website is only accessible to registered users who fall into one of the categories that legally allow them to obtain information on securities that are difficult to achieve in accordance with the ACF manual (in particular COBS 4.7.7R). By accepting these terms, you agree to be at least one of the following: You agree that you are underscribing on your own account to shares of the company solely for investment purposes and not for the purpose of resale or distribution of the shares. 3.11 Any registration of the deposit in the investment account is subject to verification by Investec and if there is a discrepancy between your records and Investec`s records, Investec`s records are sufficient proof of the accuracy of Investec`s statements and it is up to you to prove otherwise. 12.6 Except to the extent that Investec has shown gross negligence or fraudulent intent, Investec shall not be liable for any consequential damages caused by failure to comply with your obligations under these Terms and Conditions of Sale, and Investec`s aggregate liability shall in no event exceed the actual amount of the disputed transaction or transactions. 3.5 Investec will not make any payments from the Investment Account, except to your specified bank account, as indicated in the application form or notified in writing to Investec and signed by you or your duly authorised signatories.

Unless Investec has been grossly negligent or deceptive, Investec shall not be liable if it refuses to make a payment other than under this clause. 8.8 Subject to clause 9, you have the right to withdraw all funds credited from the investment account and/or close the investment account in accordance with the notice periods for the specific investment account and in accordance with the rules of the product you confirm to be aware of. . . .