Stock Borrowing And Lending Agreement Registration

  • Posted on: October 9, 2021
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What are the main changes to the REGISTRATION OF THEBLA with effect from April 23, 2012? When can I electronically download the letter of authorization after the application for registration? When applying on paper, you submit an application by mail or in person and a letter of authorization will be issued to you after authorization. Electronic registration is another type of registration. You can use the electronic registration service anytime and anywhere and a letter of authorization is issued via the online mode after authorization. What is the difference between the electronic SBLA record and the paper record? (a) electronic stamped account; or (b) Tax Identification Number (TIN) and eTAX password; or (c) digital certificate issued by the Hong Kong Post or digi-Sign Certification Services Ltd. No, but you need a way to authenticate online by: (a) SBLA registration; (b) the filing of the notification by the lender in shares; (c) the simultaneous presentation of points (a) and (b); (d) Download the letter of authorization. Can I store my entered data in the electronic registration platform without transmission? Samples can be found on the IRD website under What are the approved standard versions of the loan and equity loan agreement? Electronic registration is available to GovHK users. The following services are available on the electronic registration platform:- Do I have to register with the Stamps Office before I can use this service? A maximum of 1 file for SBLA and a maximum of 4 files for other attachments….