Pattinson Tenancy Agreement

  • Posted on: April 11, 2021
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Depending on the type of service you need, we can deal with everything from finding the right tenant, setting up all documents and contracts, settling the account, ensuring that you comply with applicable legislation, working with utilities, daily maintenance, to the end of a lease and any dispute that may arise when a tenant has evacuated your property. Our goal is to ensure a smooth rental process. To help you, we offer three levels of service as well as additional services to create a package that best meets your needs. All of our services are secured by: ✔ preparation and signing of leases ✔ the rent extension ✔ energy power and gas security certificates ✔ professional ✔ check report ✔ Depositing the deposit of the deposit to TDS ✔ the controversial deposit of the bond to TDS From Move-In includes assistance in the total maintenance of this service, Rent and cashing payments, advice and processing of rental notices, property controls, leases. The experiences from the beginning to the present day have been totally present. I signed up with Pattinson in November 2018 to sell my house. I was quoted with a pre-price price that I accepted, but a few days later they told me it was actually higher (after signing the contract). Apart from the fact that I receive emails indicating that there will be ads, I never receive returns of these messages. Their only sales tactic seems to be to get the owner to lower the price. In January 2020, they contacted me on the grounds that it would be a good idea to rent the property (since she had not yet sold it). Reluctantly, I entered into and signed a contract that included a rent guarantee in case of payment.

The house also remained on the market for sale. At the end of May/June 2020, they resumed contacting the tenants contacting me, many of whom have CCJs and had no income or no references. I asked if I was still covered by the rent guarantee to which they replied “No, not in this situation “. I told them that I didn`t want to hire anyone with unfavorable credits or without income or references. Pattinson then advised me to do gas and Elec tests and certificates, as they had a tenant who was about to move in. I agreed and sent the payments quickly to make sure everything went smoothly. The following week, they told me that the tenant had not passed the credit check! Over the next few months, I received an email containing applications for people who did not have a job or reference. And so I told Pattinson`s agents again that I didn`t want to go on. As recently as last week (late August 2020), when an agent sent me an email asking if I was happy to continue with a smoking and unemployed tenant, I was told that they terminated the rent guarantee from April! I never wanted to turn away from it, but no one bothered to tell me. If I had known, I would never have agreed to pay about 700 jobs for the gas and Eleklec certificates, because I would not have wanted to rent my property, especially via Pattinson. My house has still not been sold for nearly 2 years since Pattinson put it up for sale. Apparently, they are only interested in receiving money from people, because once you have paid, they do not care.

I sent an email to the rental manager, the response was arrogant and you could say it was not the slightest problem to help or offer any understanding. I have not heard of the director yet. However, if you signed a lease agreement on The Frost Partnership before June 1, 2019, the following fee applies to each tenant/guarantor in the table below until May 31, 2020. Personalized service: Experienced and professional account manager across the country to support all your vehicle rental and fleet management requirements. You can find detailed information about our rental fees on our rental pages that you can find with “Search a Store” on the right page of this page.