Framework Agreement On Relations Between The European Parliament And The European Commission

  • Posted on: April 9, 2021
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Each member of the Commission ensures that the member of the Commission and the chairman of the relevant parliamentary committee are informed on a regular and immediate basis. With the commission`s help, arrangements are being made for Parliament to request, as soon as possible, the necessary contribution of national authorities in the authorisation process. Under the same conditions, the Commission systematically keeps Parliament informed, through the Members of the European Parliament who are part of the Union`s delegations, of meetings of bodies established by multilateral international agreements with the participation of the Union and facilitates access as an observer when these bodies are invited to take decisions that require Parliament`s approval or whose implementation may require the adoption of acts in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure. The Commission ensures that, in accordance with the provisions of this annex, Parliament has access to confidential information when it receives a request for the transmission of confidential information from one of the parliamentary bodies or officials referred to in point 1.4. In addition, the Commission may, on its part, transmit confidential information to Parliament in accordance with the provisions of this annex. In the event of a disagreement, the matter is referred to the presidents of both institutions so that they can resolve the dispute. As part of its work to prepare and implement EU legislation, including soft law and delegated acts, the Commission will provide full information and documents on its meetings with national experts. At Parliament`s request, the Commission may also invite experts from Parliament to attend these meetings. negotiation and conclusion of international agreements in accordance with Schedule III, and Parliament is immediately and fully informed at all stages of negotiation and conclusion of international agreements, including the establishment of negotiating guidelines.

The Commission acts in such a way as to fully comply with its obligations under Article 218 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, while respecting the role of each institution in accordance with Article 13, paragraph 2, of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.