Aarhus University Learning Agreement

  • Posted on: April 7, 2021
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Request the referral form via the “Ask for Referral form for a course you have taken at another educational institution” that you will find at mitstudie.au.dk to have your exam results transferred from abroad to your studies at the AU. Here, you must submit your documents to the host university, along with an explanation of the rating scale of your host university. Studying abroad cannot extend the length of study. Therefore, you need to plan your studies abroad in order to acquire 30 ECTS credits per semester as at your home university. You can apply for one or two semesters for studies abroad. With about 14,000 full-time students, several thousand part-time students, nearly 225 PhD students and more than 500 researchers, aarhus BSS is one of the largest business schools in Europe. In addition, it is the largest department of economics and social sciences in Denmark at the university level, with a broad academic spectrum. If you are nominated for an exchange place under an agreement with one of the AU`s partner universities, you must apply for prior authorization via the “Request pre-authorization for a course at another institution” form, which you will find under the “Submit an application to your study board” page mitstudie.au.dk Once you are admitted to the host university, you can begin preparing your application for pre-authorization. For more information, see the pre-authorization in the menu on the left. Select and apply for prior authorization for courses at your host university. If you are doing an ERASMUS exchange, you must also enter into an Erasmus apprenticeship agreement. The courses in your apprenticeship contract must be the courses approved in advance and admitted to the host university. You must complete a learning agreement to obtain an Erasmus scholarship.

If you are ready to sign your apprenticeship agreement, please send it to: bss.international@au.dk or visit Aarhus BSS International (1443 – 021). Make sure you attach a copy of your advance authorization when sending your learning agreement. Aarhus BSS students in Herning should send to: lenam@au.dk. For university agreements, it is also a criterion that appointments for available places reflect the diversity of areas of study at the AU. If there are more candidates than mobility places under an agreement, the international coordinator will conduct a qualified assessment and decide which student will have the place. The decision is based on an overall assessment of the candidates` academic qualifications, seniority and GPA. Before you apply for prior authorization, you should generally know which courses you can be admitted to at your host university. It is therefore advantageous to defer the application for prior authorisation until you have received specific information about the available courses from the host university.